ELcop d.o.o. sales and production company of electrical products

Email: [email protected] Web: www.elcop.hr
VAT : HR81651582714

Elcop d.o.o. was established 1992. in Cakovec, as company for sales and production of electrical products.

With 10 m2 of business and retail space for rent, a small workshop, a used van and 2 employees, a combination of knowledge, technology and work, a company was created that today employs 45 employees (engineers, technicians, electricians, economists), owns 900 m2 of business retail space, 1100 m2 of storage space, a professionally equipped workshop and its own fleet.


  • electrical engineering
  • manufacture of industrial and decorative lighting fixtures
  • production / equipping of all types of electrical distribution cabinet
  • KNX projects programming
  • performing all types of electrical installation works of high and low current on residential and commercial buildings
  • maintenance of electrical installations and lighting
  • wholesale and retail of electrical products for household and industry

The company’s headquarters are located in Čakovec, specialized stores are in Varaždin and Zagreb. All units, together with the central warehouse, are IT connected for faster and better service.