About us

ELcop d.o.o. company for the production and sale of electrical products

Email: [email protected]   Web: www.elcop.hr
OIB: 81651582714

Elcop d.o.o. is a privately owned company , it was established in 1992. as a company for the production and sale of electrical products.

Our main services are:

  • electrical engineering
  • production/assembling of industrial and decorative lighting fixtures
  • production of all types of electrical cabinets
  • electrocontracting for high and low current projects
  • maintenance of electrical installations and lighting
  • wholesale and retail sale of electrical products for household and industry

Headquarter and central warehouse is located in Čakovec, and our specialized shops are in Varaždin and Zagreb.

Headquarters (commercial offices, administration, wholesale/retail store and main warehouse)

Športska 6a
40 000 ČAKOVEC

Tel: +385 (40) 804-080
Fax: +385 (40) 804-081

Commercial working hours:
Monday-Friday: 08-16h
Wholesale/retail shop working hours:
Monday-Friday: 07-20h
Saturday: 07-13h

Varaždin branch (wholesale/retail store)

Zagrebačka 53a
42 000 Varaždin

Tel: +385 (42) 300-450
Fax: +385 (42) 300-451

Working hours :
Monday-Friday: 07.30-19.30h
Saturday: 07.30-12h

Zagreb branch (commercial office/wholesale store)

Strojarska 14
10 000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 (1) 6130-360
Fax: +385 (1) 6130-361

Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 08-16h